Love that you celebrated and hope you keep celebrating you!

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May 25, 2023Liked by Tasha Jun

I’m sitting in the pedicure chair waiting for the color of summer to make my toes look like they belong in this season and catching up on Substack.

I read your words “Celebration is an act of belonging” and literal tears filled my eyes and made me gasp out loud....those words hit squarely in the inner circle of my heart.

I “retired” March 31 from a 23 year career....and the ending has been joyful and painful and complicated (aka human) and belonging or lack thereof has been a consistent companion. I’ve waffled and wrestled back and forth about celebrating my 23 years, turning 50, this massive season of transition and change and honoring the past while standing arms and heart wide open to the future....

I treasure your words and the backstory behind them as I revisit how I might invite celebration and my own belonging.

With gratitude,


P.S. I started reading the book yesterday and have already made notes although I’m not yet to chapter 2...I’ll be reading it for the Human Together summer book club.

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Beautiful. Thank you for sharing these precious snapshots of belonging. 🥰

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